Scotland’s rich and often dramatic landscape inspires in many different ways – and that’s no more apparent than in the approach of two Peebles-based artists whose work is currently on display at the Eastgate Theatre.

For Louise Carrie, Scotland’s coastline and mountainous landscape have both shaped her work and challenged her to move in different directions. Her exhibition, A New Phase, demonstrates not only that personal artistic journey, but also a deep connection with the scenes that she portrays.

A decade ago, Louise began working using slate and wax, a combination that she describes as “exhilarating”, with the mixing and heating process creating a wonderful tapestry of colours. “The slate, in its raw, organic state, lends itself to the Scottish seascapes and landscapes that I try to recreate,” she said.

As she outlined in a recent video on the Eastgate Friends YouTube channel, Louise has since branched out to work in mixed media, especially acrylic and, most recently, oil. “I enjoy the different textures they create and the challenges that working with mixed media bring,” explained Louise.

When painting, Louise usually draws from memory of place rather than photographs. “When an image of a place I have encountered comes to mind I will start to work on it and once the colours and images appear then feelings for that place are conjured up,” she explained. “It’s like looking back through a photo album in my memory.”

Different again is the work of Andrew Midgley, whose first exhibition is currently on display in the Eastgate café and foyer. Featuring pastel paintings and lino cuts of huge skies and wide-open spaces, Andrew’s work is inspired by the ever-changing subtlety and complexity of colour and light in the landscape.

“I’m delighted to be showing my work at the Eastgate,” commented Andrew. “It’s such an important part of Peebles and a hub for the community. I’m just starting to show my art in public and it’s fantastic that there are places like the Eastgate that provide opportunities for people at the start of their artistic career.”

A New Phase by Louise Carrie is on display Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 5pm at the Eastgate’s Anne Younger Studio until 4 Nov, while Andrew Midgley’s exhibition runs until 16 Dec. Access to The Anne Younger Studio can be limited due to arts classes – please telephone to check availability before making a special trip.