Where to stay

For a list of holiday cottages in the Peebles area, click here.

Castle Venlaw Hotel www.venlaw.co.uk

Cringletie House www.cringletie.com

The Glentress Hotel www.glentress.org.uk

Green Tree Hotel www.greentreehotel.com

The Horseshoe Inn www.horseshoeinn.co.uk

Macdonald Cardrona Hotel www.macdonaldhotels.co.uk

The Park Hotel www.parkhotelpeebles.co.uk

Peebles Hotel Hydro www.peebleshydro.co.uk

The Tontine Hotel www.tontinehotel.com

For a searchable list of rentable cottages in the local area, click here.

Crossburn Caravan Park
Edinburgh Road, PEEBLES, EH45 8ED
Tel: 01721720501
Email: enquiries@crossburncaravans.co.uk

Rosetta Caravan Park
Rosetta Road, PEEBLES, EH45 8PG
Tel: 01721 720770

Undiscovered Scotland  www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk

Visit Scottish Borders  www.scot-borders.co.uk

Eastgate Community
Eastgate - Engage Programme