Technical Specification

Stage Dimensions

Stage is at auditorium floor level

Entrance from dressing rooms DSR

Stage proscenium opening 6.50 (between front curtains – 9m wall to wall.)

Stage proscenium to back wall 5.50 (4.50 to crossover masking)

Stage from centre line to stage left wall 6.10

Stage from centre line to stage right wall 4.65

Height of fixed grid 5.00 (4.25 clearance below lighting equipment + borders)

Clearance below flood bar is 3.75 (3.30 up stage of setting line)

Clearance below cinema screen is 4.00 (3.70m up stage of setting line)

Auditorium height to ceiling 7.75, height to FOH lighting gantry 6.25″

Auditorium (with seats retracted including stage) 17.5 x 7.25

Studio floor space 9.5 x 7.5 with clear ceiling height of 2.85

Get in

Dock door 1.80 wide x 4.00 high

Stage is at first floor level.  Get in access by platform lift.

Platform lift 2.10 x 3.10 forms part of up stage left wing when raised

Two dressing rooms and green room at ground floor level with access to stage right via stairs.

Parking available in free (not Sat) car park 2 minutes walk from theatre


No flying system available

Fixed grid 5.00m above stage

150kg Safe Working Load per lighting bar.

3 FOH lighting bridges with cat walk access from above.

Access to cat walk via ladder in control room/rear stage


ETC Express 125 Control Console at rear of auditorium position

92 x 3kw dimmers and 6 x 3kw relays

Patch: 92 x 15amp pairs and 6 x 15amp independent mains

3 x 12 way lighting bridges + 2 x 6 way side bars above auditorium

5 x 12 way lighting bars on fixed grid 5.00m above stage

Advance – 1.40m DS of setting line

Lx 1 – 0.40m US of setting line

Lx 2 – 1.40m US of setting line

Lx 3 – 2.40m US of setting line

Lx 4 – 3.10m US of setting line

6 way (12 socket) Flood bar 4.00m above stage – 3.40m US of setting line

4 x 4 way stage boxes at floor level (1 DSL, 1 MSR, 1 USL, 1 USR)

16 x switched 13amp independent circuits above stage + auditorium


8 x ETC S4 zoom profile lantern 15-30 degrees

8 x ETC S4 zoom profile lantern 25-50 degrees

2 x Iris for S4 zoom profiles

11 x ETC S4 PAR EA reflector with 4 lens set (VNSP, NSP, MFL, WFL)

20 x Selecon 1200 Fresnel lantern and barn doors

12 x Selecon Acclaim Fresnel lantern and barn doors

10 x Selecon Acclaim zoomspot 24-44 degrees

12 x Selecon Acclaim 1-comp Floodlight –  Permanantly rigged on flood bar

4 x tripod lighting stands

4 x floor stands

All rigging and focusing above stage will be from Slingsby Ladders


Allen and Heath QU24 Mixing Console at rear of auditorium

2 x Tascam MD-301 MkII Minidisk player/recorder

1 x Tascam CDRW-700 CD player/recorder

1 x Tascam CD-A500 Cassette/CD player

1 x Lexicon MPX110 Effects processor

3 x XS700 power amplifier

1 x XTi2000 power amplifier with DSP (for use with Subs)

16 x XLR3 mic tie lines between stage and control room

1x Digital Multicore to AR2412 providing 24 inputs and 12 returns DSL

5 x Shure SM58 mic’s

3 x Shure SM57 mic’s

2 x AKG SE300B / CK91 condensor mic’s

1 x Shure Beta SM52A kick drum mic

3 x BSS AR-133 active DI boxes

8 x Tall mic boom stands

2 x Short mic boom stand

4 x Sennheiser Radio Recivers

2 x Sennheiser Lapel Radio Mic

2 x Sennheiser Handheld Radio Mic

1 x Pair of Community 15″” twin Subs (Stage PA)

3 x Pairs T&M 122 full range speakers (2 x FOH, 1 x Stage PA)

4 x WPL 1 speakers

4 x Yamaha 12″” monitor wedges

Stage Manager

Metro Audio comms master station in control room

4 x Metro Audio comms beltpack and Headsets

Stage Equipment

Red velour soft proscenium legs and border

Red velour House Tabs on draw track immediately up-stage of proscenium

Black cloth on wipe track to form crossover 4.50m up stage of house tabs

White filled cloth Cyclorama on wipe track down stage of black cloth

6 x black legs in fixed positions on swivel mountings, 3 on each side of the stage

2 x black borders

4 x Stage weights available

Upright rehearsal piano (There is a charge for the piano to be tuned)

(access to Steinway Baby Grand by arrangement)

Free-standing lectern

Theatre and Studio have sprung floor suitable for dance

Stage area in Theatre has permanent black vinyl dance floor covering

Dressing Rooms

Rooms can interconnect

Dressing Room 1 seats 7 people

Dressing Room 2 seats 5 people

Shower and two WCs, plus one accessible shower and WC

Small Green Room with kettle, sink, microwave, iron + ironing board.


Roll down screen, filling back of stage.

Please note that when screen is lowered the depth of stage is reduced to 3.75m

Sanyo PLC45 4500 Ansi Lumens LCD projector

Sony DVD / VHS combi player

NEC800C Digital Projector

Christie Cini-IPM2k

Dolby CP500 Digital cinema signal processor

5 x QSC 1602 PLX 2 x 600 power amp

3 x Martin audio WT2 screen speakers

1 x Martin audio S18 sub base speaker

8 x Martin audio effect-3 surround speaker