Community Outreach

Outreach takes people out of their everyday routine to do something new, creative and fun. Being creative is so good for you. It boosts confidence, combats stress and gives you time out from every day pressures.   Whether through music, art, craft, drama or movement, you can get creative, learn something new and recharge your batteries.

Encore Arts is the Eastgate’s main outreach project in 2018.  This is a travelling crafts club for the older community who live in assisted accommodation and/or attend the RVS Social Centre, Peebles.  The project, emerged from Grand Hands and mixes craft making with fun seated movement classes.

The Encore Arts team has visited one venue each week first with craft workshops and then seated movement which all finished with the very important cup of tea, cake and time to chat.

The Grand Hands team is made up of the Eastgate’s Alex Saunders, Fiona Pagett local tutor in fitness and movement and Jillian Scott – SBC Community Capacity Building.

If you are a group with a creative idea that you would like to discuss please get in touch 01721 725777 or