Cowboys and Cupcakes

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is on Thursday 29 July at 2pm.  Enjoy Paul Newman and Robert Redford in this iconic western featuring a panoramic chase across the west – over rocks, through towns, across rivers… always with a very special posse close behind…just before Butch says the immortal phrase “Let’s go to Bolivia”.

Two weeks later (Thursday 12 August at 2pm) The Good, the Bad and the Ugly fill the screen. The Good is Blondie (Clint Eastwood) a professional gunslinger out trying to earn a few dollars. The Bad is Angel Eyes (Lee Van Cleef) a ruthless professional hitman. The Ugly is Tuco (Eli Wallach) a wanted outlaw trying to take care of his own hide. A bounty hunting scam joins two of them in an uneasy alliance against the third in a race to find a fortune in gold buried in a remote cemetery.

On Thursday 26 August the Coen Brothers 2010 version of True Grit sees 14 year old Mattie Ross join the roughest, rudest, laziest U.S. marshal Reuben J. “Rooster” Cogburn in a hunt to find the killer of Mattie’s father. Their trek takes them into the Indian Nations where they are joined by Texas Ranger LaBoeuf, who has his own reasons for hunting killer Chaney.

he Rider is the feature on Thursday 9 September. Hailed as an extraordinary translation of life into art, Chloé Zhao’s film fictionalizes the true life experiences of Brady Jandreau, a Lakota cowboy on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, whose rodeo career ended after a bucking bronco threw him and stepped on his skull. Jandreau has a sixth sense with horses, and Zhao captures this intense empathy in an otherwise challenging world where the injured have little choice but to “cowboy up” if they are to survive. The film stars the real Jandreau family Brady, his father and his sister Lilly.

Cowboys and cupcakes is just the first in a series of Classic Film seasons made possible with funding from the British Film Institute.   Adult film tickets £10, Under 16s are £6 available now from Eastgate Theatre box office on 01721 725777, form more details