Sweet American roots music comes to the Eastgate

The first of two foot-stompin’ American roots bands heading to the Eastgate this summer, The Honeycutters are set to discover just what a strong following they have on this side of the Atlantic following the release of two critically-acclaimed albums.

Hailing from the renowned music capital of Asheville, North Carolina, the band’s sound has been described as somewhere between the country pop of today and the gritty sound of yesterday – a honky-tonk flavoured mix of rhythmic ambition, enchanting melodies and emotive lyrics.

The band’s driving force is the remarkable Amanda Anne Platt, a witty, warm and deeply poetic singer-songwriter described by one reviewer as having “one of those gorgeous, heartache-drenched voices that brings to mind Loretta Lynn or Sheryl Crow”.

There’s a been a real hunger in the UK to see The Honeycutters perform live following the release of two seriously strong albums – Me Oh My (2015) and On the Ropes (2016) – with each winning glowing reviews and finding their way onto many ‘Best Of’ end-of-year lists.

The band come to Peebles on 11 Aug as part of a first ever European tour that coincides with the recent release of their new record, Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters. Very much lyrically driven, the songs blend the band’s old-school country roots approach with shared influences of rock and folk. “I think it’s just about life and all that that entails,” explains Amanda. “Including, but not limited to, death, strangers, birthdays, money, leaving, arriving, seasons, corruption and love.”

The Honeycutters will be followed in September by a very different US band currently tearing up the music scene both at home and abroad. One of the outstanding successes at this year’s Celtic Connections Festival, 3hattrio was born in the Utah desert, the band’s music a delicious coming together of old time Americana, chamber music and jazz.

The Honeycutters perform at the Eastgate Theatre 7.30pm, Fri 11 August, while 3hattrio play 7.30pm, Sat 16 September. Tickets for both bands are £14, £12, £6 schoolchildren, available from Box Office on 01721 725777 or online.