Words feed into a new production that combines words, music and dance to give expression to Arts in The Age of Anxiety.

Stage 1 Words:  The trailer features tutor Clare Prenton and writers Pat Goodacre,  Anita John and Cath Shepheard.


This is Stage 2: Words into Music.  The trailer features writer/musician Trish Timmins performing Postcards.

The next stage of the project is Music into Dance and is being rehearsed  to prepare for filming.

The culmination of the project will be a filmed live performance.

Arts in the Age of Anxiety 
Just as Scotland started its post-Christmas lockdown, the Eastgate boldly launched a project with the aim of creating a live performance reflecting life stages, to be performed in the theatre at the end of summer.
Arts in the Age of Anxiety involves a different groups of  writers, dancers and musicians working separately and then together to explore their feelings about and responses to, the various forms of anxiety that affect life in these extraordinary times.
Stage 1 – Words  this film is an insight into the work of Clare Prenton who led a group of 10 writers, to develop their ideas in a series of zoom sessions.

Stage 2 – Words and Music

In this short feature Trish Timmins explains the inspiration behind Postcards, her song  that developed out of the same zoom sessions with tutor Clare Prenton and the Acting Up writers group.

Stage 3 – Music and Dance

Is in rehearsal being prepared for pre-performance filming. It features Nomad Beat Music School and Stride Young Dance Company.  Work will continue through the summer, and culminate in a one-hour LIVE performance on 28 August.

This project is supported by funding from Creative Scotland.