Open Doors Campaign

The Eastgate Theatre opened all of its doors to a full programme from August 2021 and this wonderful building in the heart of Peebles reclaimed its place as an exciting, safe, community space where everyone – local residents, friends and visitors – can meet for coffee and chat, take part in well-distanced creative activities, and enjoy the un-matchable thrill of live performances and new films in the auditorium.

When the theatre asked the community for funding support to carry out the 2019 building refurbishment, no – one imagined that we would be forced to close again  due to a global health epidemic.

The aim of this campaign is to invite donations that will enable the theatre to thrive even as national government support diminishes.  By making a contribution, and helping secure the future of the Eastgate, you will not only enrich your own life but also make a real difference to people of all ages, abilities, interests and ambitions in Peebles, Tweeddale and the south of Scotland in the years ahead.