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Like many arts organisations, the Eastgate is extremely fortunate to have a dedicated ‘Friends’ organisation which provides vital support to our fundraising efforts. Friends of the Eastgate is a separate organisation and registered charity, set up to provide year-round support for the theatre through funds raised from its own membership subscriptions, donations, and events.

Your membership means so much to the theatre. The Eastgate relies on the support of its Friends to fund various essential items for the theatre such as an upgraded IT system and a new dishwasher for the cafe.  Over each of the last 10 years the Friends have raised an average of £14,000.

To become a Friend of the Eastgate, the cost of membership is £35 per annum.

Important announcement

You will remember from your last Friends renewal that the form asks you to tick whether or not you wish to be a member of the theatre.  Those who tick ‘yes’ have their current theatre membership fee of £1 paid from Friends funds and are entitled to attend and vote at general meetings of the Eastgate Theatre Board.  As of this month (April 2024) theatre membership will no longer be offered via the renewal form.  Instead, there will be a new system operated from the box office only.

Many of you are due to renew your Friends membership in April.  You should therefore know that, in view of the current financial constraints, the Board has decided to gradually make changes to the the current benefits that Friends can claim.  These changes will come into force when you renew your membership. Communication from the Board will explain the changed Friends membership.

Friends of Eastgate Committee Members:

Chair: Rosemary Donald * Treasurer: Andrew Fish * Secretary: Christine Bruce * Membership Secretary: Mags Ronald *Technical Expert: Anthony Newton

*Friends Lottery: Christine Bruce and Barbara Scott

Committee member: Mary Daykin, Alison Bastock &  Diane Cowe