When the Eastgate was forced to close so suddenly in March, the Friends set up a ‘fighting fund’ to help meet the running costs of the building, which continue even though it is closed. The generous response of Friends members raised a significant amount of money. This was all the more gratifying because everyone connected to the Eastgate had already, in 2019, made a huge fundraising effort to help pay for the transformation of the building. Thank you all so much for your continuing support.

Friends continue to support the Eastgate in so many ways, even in normal times …

Your donations and support of the theatre are very much appreciated. Between April 2019 and March 2020, the Friends contributed funds through subscriptions, donations and fundraising that has allowed the theatre to buy:

  • A new microwave and coffee machine for the café, plus new tables and chairs for outside use
  • A significant contribution towards a new cinema system (projection and sound) as match funding for a recent Screen Scotland grant
  • A new MacBook to provide technical capacity to acquire and store short films and video inserts and to create easy-to-manage running orders using Q-lab software for events such as the Peebles Outdoor Film Festival
  • Microphones, stands and cloth backgrounds for the stage
  • Technical equipment and miscellaneous tools to support ‘on the road’ productions
  • Support for the Eastgate Development Fund in 2019


NB: Our Financial Accounts for 2019-20 have not yet been finalised. Some of the contributions above may appear in 2020-21 accounts. 

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