Event Type: Film
Yesterday (12)

Fri 24 April


£8, £4 disabled people and under 15


A fundraising screening in aid of Motor Neurone Disease Scotland.

We are sorry to announce that this film has been cancelled due to the developing situation with Coronavirus.

This screening is a fundraising event in aid of Motor Neurone Disease Scotland.   The film was specially selected by Elspeth Knowles who was diagnosed with the disease last year.  Elspeth was a member of the committee of Tweeddale Film Club and, along with her husband Edward, was an energetic member of the Eastgate’s usher team.

Yesterday (12)

Danny Boyle’s film tells the story of Lowestoft based Jack Malik, a frustrated musician whose career is going nowhere despite the faith of Ellie, his friend and manager.

On the night Jack decides to give up, the whole world is hit with a massive blackout and Jack is hit by a bus. He wakes up to discover that he seems to be the only person in the world who knows the music of the Beatles.  He plays their music and everyone thinks he is a genius.  His success takes him away from Ellie and, as he realises he loves her, he has to make the crucial decision about what he truly needs.

If you cannot attend the screening a donation box will be available at the theatre box office.

The event is sponsored by Esso Garage, Edinburgh Road, Peebles.


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