Event Type: Drama
Who Killed the Vicar?

Saturday 19 March


£30 (includes 2 course evening meal)


Dragonfly Theatre’s latest drama is a murder mystery created as a fundraising event for the Eastgate Theatre.  The venue is the Tontine Hotel, Peebles.

Sleepy Steeply Willows is in uproar.  The Summer Fayre is in disarray, the church organ is failing and the roof leaks like a sieve, as does the church restoration fund.

Hardly surprising, then, that half the village have got it in for the sports car loving, jewellery dangling narcissistic spendthrift Reverend Peacock who’s convinced he’s a dead cert for promotion to a Bishopric in a few months time.  But who killed him and why?  Come and help super sleuth Inspector Charlton solve this heinous crime.


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