Event Type: Drama

Friday 16 September


£16, £14 Friends, disabled, under 26,  £8 under 16


Two people recreate the brutal race to the top of Ventoux on 13 July 2000.

“An outstandingly gripping piece of theatre” the reviews hub

Cycling superstars Lance Armstrong and Marco Pantani race up Mont Ventoux, the most daunting leg of the Tour de France. This momentous challenge, in 2000, ends in a historic battle of wounded pride and rancour.

In this powerful, sparely staged production, two actors pedal furiously on stationary racing bikes in a brutal contest against screened footage of the route. Their titanic uphill struggle traces the different trajectories of two spectacular falls from grace. Its split-second smooth delivery mirrors the discipline and isolation of professional cycling and the difference a split second can make.

“an outstandingly gripping piece of theatre for cycling fans and non-cycling fans alike” thereviewshub.com


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