Event Type: Drama
Velvet Evening Seance

Thu 22 February


£14, £12, £6 This is a Friend of a Friend event, so, if you are a Friend of the Eastgate, bring a friend for free.

It’s Victorian Scotland in the 1900s.  A judge has allowed his jury to witness a séance to establish the guilt or innocence of the accused.  James MacGregor, a well-known medium, is on trial for the murder of his brother.

This séance is James’ last opportunity to prove his innocence. Amidst the candles and velvet, he attempts to connect with the jury and the spirit world.  Expect a journey of magic, crime and human fragility. Is James a charlatan, or a man who has found the truth?

Directed by multi-award winning magician and theatre-maker Ross MacKay.


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