Event Type: Talk
TSoc Peter Womersley & Rural Modernism

Tue 9 November


£8, FREE for members of the Tweeddale Society and students of Peebles High School


Architects Gordon Duffy and Rebecca Wober examine Peter Womersley’s architectural legacy in the Borders.


The stand at Gala Fairydean by Ally Wallace.  Taken as part of an arts residency at the ground.  See more here.

Early in his career Peter Womersley, born in Nottinghamshire, settled in the Scottish Borders from where he operated a small architecture practice designing buildings as far afield as the Ayrshire coast, Bath and Hong Kong. His remaining legacy in the Borders demonstrates that his work was unashamedly modern and executed with a 1:1 attention to detail. In this talk architects Gordon Duffy and Rebecca Wober illuminate his working process and the potential for his work to host new life.


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