Event Type: Dance
The Evie Douglas Choreography Challenge

Sun 24 March


FREE but seats must be booked in advance.



2019 Evie Douglas Choreography Challenge

This annual choreography challenge is staged in memory of Evie, a former pupil and teacher at Fiona Henderson School of Dance. It is designed to encourage dancers aged 10 – 18 from across the Scottish Borders to choreograph an original dance.  The dances will be judged by an expert panel assessing each for concept, choreographic structure and musical interpretation.

The Challenge winner will be announced after all the performances are complete and the judges have deliberated. The winner will receive a beautiful glass award created by renowned local artist Bjorn Borseth. This will also be combined with the announcement of the FHSD 2019/20 Scholarship Awards which took place earlier in the day.

More information on the Choreography Challenge and FHSD Scholarship Awards including entry forms is available at www.fionahendersondance.com.

Donations to the Evie Douglas Inspiring Life charity and the Borders Children’s Charity are welcome.


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