Event Type: Literature
Tae Sup wi’ a Fifer

Fri 12 June


£15, £13


James Yorkston performs and introduces music and performance poetry from Kris Drever, Rachel Sermanni and Phill Jupitus.

Master musician James Yorkston presents a club night featuring three of today’s finest performers of music and literature – folk-noir balladeer, Rachel Sermanni, multi award winning folk singer and songwriter Kris Drever and comedian and performance poet Phill Jupitus.

Rachel Sermanni’s songs weave stories about everything from time spent at a Buddhist monastery to the anticipation of long-distance relationships and the hopelessness that Trump, Brexit and the refugee crisis have inspired. Kris Drever’s most recent album with Lau, “Midnight and Closedown”, was released to wild acclaim.. Phill Jupitus is probably most famous for TV appearances on shows including Never Mind The Buzzcocks and QI but his  performance poetry has always been the backbone of his live performances.


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