Event Type: Drama

Fri 19 October


£14, £12, £6 for under 15

Recommended age 12+

Running Time – approx. 70 minutes (no interval)

We are what we build around us. Stuff is about the hoarding of memories, emotions and things. Today the Council is coming to clear Magda’s house. She must find a way to deal with the constant shifting of stuff in her house and her head, as she revisits the past and struggles with the present to find a way to face the future. Told with humour and tenderness Magda’s story reflects our attachment to things, and our need for attachment to each other.

Cast: Carol Ann Crawford, Romana Abercromby, Pauline Lockhart and Nosemary Nairne.

Award-winning director Muriel Romanes and acclaimed writer Sylvia Dow are joined by an illustrious creative team design by John Byrne, lighting design by Jeanine Byrne and sound design by Philip Pinsky.

Age: 12+

Read Neil Cooper’s preview in the Herald here


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