Event Type: Music
Rheingans Sisters

Saturday 16 April


£17, £15, £8 under 16


The Rheingans Sisters, Rowan and Anna, are multi-instrumentalists playing playful, powerful original music rooted in folk traditions.

The Rheingans Sisters, Rowan and Anna, make playful, powerful music that is wholly contemporary while deeply anchored in folk traditions.

Over the last five years, four critically acclaimed albums and a BBC Radio 2 Folk Award win for ‘Best Original Track’, audiences have been captivated by their very special live performances. They have developed a rich artistic approach to the deconstruction and re-imagining of traditional music alongside their own compositions. Rowan and Anna are full-hearted performers and spontaneous, on-stage improvisers, with adventurous use of fiddles, voices, banjo, bansitar, tambourin à cordes, spoken word, dancing feet and percussion.

The Rheingans Sisters released their much anticipated fourth album Receiver in 2020.


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