Event Type: Festival
POFF: Wild about Scotland

Sat  26 January


£12, £6 for schoolchildren, £15 adult and child.


A session of short films exploring wild places (and things), followed by an afternoon with wildlife photographer and cameraman Peter Cairns from SCOTLAND: The Big Picture.

A session of short films (see running order below) exploring encounters with wild places (and things) followed, after the break, by an afternoon with wildlife photographer and cameraman Peter Cairns. As part of SCOTLAND: The Big Picture, Peter and many of Scotland’s other top photographers and camera operators have spent years capturing the beauty of the country’s landscape and its wild inhabitants. In a spellbinding presentation, Peter uses this stunning imagery to outline a bold new vision for a wilder Scotland.

We are delighted that this presentation also serves as the official south of Scotland book launch of the recently-published SCOTLAND: A Rewilding Journey. Produced by SCOTLAND: The Big Picture, this landmark conservation book is a rallying call for a wilder Scotland – a place where nature works as it should, where wildlife flourishes and where people prosper. Peter Cairns will be available to sign copies and chat more about the book following his presentation.

Short films: 

This is the Northland, 10.31’, Dir Ted Simpson, UK

A personal and evocative film that tells the story of a remarkably atmospheric location on the Northwestern coast of Scotland – the remote Sandwood Bay, just south of Cape Wrath.

Bruhwiler Country, 7.02’, Dir Keith Malloy, Canada

Pro surfer Raph Bruhwiler cut his teeth in the woods and waves of Vancouver Island. Today, he teaches his love of the wild to his kids who are more than eager to learn more.

Dave Macleod: The 24/8, 15.27’, Dir Kevin Woods, UK

Established by Dave MacLeod in 2018, the ’24/8′ might be one of the hardest all-round climbing challenges around: an 8A boulder, 8a sport route, E8 trad route, VIII, 8 winter route and 8 Munros – all in under 24 hours.

S’Abandonner au Sauvage (Surrender yourself to the wild), 6.05’, Dir Lionel Prado, France

Two adventurers travel through the Yukon, and on through Alaska, to explore the Great North and find a grizzly bear.

The UK in 100 seconds, 2’, Dir Dan Ravel-Ellison, UK

See the UK as it really is – 100 seconds, with each second representing a percentage of the different land uses of the UK. Can we make more space for nature?

Session kindly sponsored by Peebles Hydro & The Park, Peebles.


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