Event Type: Festival
POFF The Cull

Fri 13 August

7.30PM – 9PM

£15, £8, £20 Adult + child (under 16)

How does the Scottish deer cull fit within the conversation around rewilding?

Feature Film + Meet the Director

The Cull – Scotland’s Deer Dilemma (58’)

Winner Best Environment Film, Kendal Mountain Festival 2020; Best Film Mountain Environment and Natural History, Banff Mountain Film Festival 2021

Although red deer are an integral part of the Scottish landscape, numbers have grown to the point where they have a massive impact on the landscape. Deer are culled each year in an attempt to manage that impact, but a debate has long raged regarding the size, nature and purpose of that cull. This award-winning documentary explores the debate and asks how deer fit within the wider conversation around rewilding. Includes Q&A with film director, Ted Simpson.


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