Event Type: Festival
POFF: Full Immersion

Sun 26 January

2:30pm- 5pm (interval: 3.15pm)

£12, £6 under 15, £15 adult + child

Session sponsored by Endura


A session of short films covering journeys from around the world followed, after a short interval, by an afternoon with The Adventure Syndicate’s Jenny Graham who, in 2018, rode her way into the Guinness Book of World Records by becoming the fastest woman to circumnavigate the world by bike. Completing her ride solo and unsupported she covered 18,000 miles in just 124 days, knocking almost three weeks off the previous (supported) record. From dodging tornados and negotiating bear country to dealing with Russian traffic and more, Jenny offers a humorous take on the highs and lows of one very big adventure.

Film running order

Well preserved, 3.46’, Dir. Green Renaissance, South Africa. A group of Faroese women – the Morning Swimmers of Sandagerði’ – brave the icy waters of the North Atlantic for their morning dip in the ocean

Perspectives: India, 5.42’, Dir. Scott Secco, US. From spice markets to spicy trails beneath the Himalaya, pro mountain biker Micayla Gatto experiences India on two wheels

The Ultra-Addict, 10.08’, Max Romey, US. Unconventional ultra-runner Courtney Dauwalter battles lack of sleep and race mishaps as she runs for two days and 205 miles on the Tahoe Rim Trail

The River’s Call, 7.45’, Dir. Hugo Clouzeau, France. Six French kayakers head out on a 17-day, self-supported trip down the Peru’s Apurimac River, considered the furthest source of the Amazon

A Mile an Hour, 17.12’, Mitch Drummond, Australia. Running, doing, thinking. The relentlessly enthusiastic Beau Miles tackles a different kind of marathon: running a mile an hour and in between making things, doing odd jobs and fixing stuff

Session kindly sponsored by Endura

Find out more about Jenny and her ‘diesel engine’ in the short film below.


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