Event Type: Festival
POFF Free the Spirit

Sat 14 August

5.30PM – 6.45PM

£8, £6, £12 Adult + child (under 16)

From wing-suiting to tiny zombies and demon chasers … a dazzling mix of short films.

Short Films programme two

A dazzling mix of films that ask plenty of searching questions along the way. What does the pursuit of wing-suiting mean to those who take the risk? What tiny zombies are held in the permafrost of Svalbard? Why is running in wild places so good for the soul? And what exactly are Bulgarian demon chasers? Find out answers to these questions and many more!

Below: Trailer for Spellbound, screening as part of our Free the Spirit collection of films. Directed by Richard Sidey, and shot entirely in New Zealand, Spellbound offers a poetic look at one of the world’s most extreme pursuits: BASE jump wing-suiting.


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