Event Type: Festival
Peebles Outdoor Film Festival

Sunday 19 June

1PM – 2.15PM

£8, £6 under 16, £12 adult and child


What does the outdoors give us, and what do we give back in return?

What does the outdoors give us, and what do we give back in return? This final programme of short films explores the connections we make as we swim, sail, walk, climb and more in places that provide comfort, hope, exhilaration, adventure – and memories that live forever.

Zero°, 4’
Dir. Scott M Salt & Benjamin Paul
Gilly McArthur’s quest to find and swim in ice in the Lake District & Scotland and the reasons that draw her to nature and the outdoors.

Singlehanded, 7.43’
Dir. Stash Wislocki
The delightfully understated story of a double amputee who, with no previous seafaring experience, sets out to sail solo around the world.

The Open Water Swim Traverse, 10.22’
Dir. Edwin El Bainou
A team of six Lebanese swimmers take on an open water swim from Cyprus to Lebanon to raise awareness of the harmful impact of single-use plastics in the Mediterranean Sea and beyond.

Totally alone, 12’
Dir. Rufus Exton & Steve Bliss
Andy Fu found camaraderie at his Jiu-Jitsu gym and respite in the mountains of North Wales. During the pandemic, all that was taken away from him.

The Ghost, 16’
Dir. Carlo Nasisse
Heather Anderson has held the most coveted through-hiking records on earth. A mysterious figure to most, she reflects on her journey in this intimate portrait.

Keystone E8, 19.59’
Dir. Dave Macleod
While making a first free ascent of Keystone E8 6c on Meall Cumhann in Glen Nevis, climber Dave Macleod takes a wider journey through history and ecology to understand why Meall Cumhann looks so different to the surrounding hills.


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