Event Type: Festival
Peebles Outdoor Film Festival

Saturday 18 June

5.30PM – 6.45PM

£8, £6 under 16, £12 adult and child


A programme of short films exploring a range of intense physical and mental challenges.

From mountain biking in the heart of Turkey’s Cappadocia to a poetic run in the Lake District, surfing in Sri Lanka and intense physical and mental challenges, this dazzling programme of films highlights adventures gained and lost in some of the world’s most remarkable locations.

Follow the light, 3.54’
Dir. Pierre Henni
Golden hour footage is taken to another level as mountain biker Kilian Bron returns with a trip to the heart of Cappadocia in Turkey.

The Farmer, 3.33’’
Dir. Mike Brown
The tale of a famed Utah ski area’s most famous snow farmer.

Touching the water, 7’
Dir. Hannah Maia
Mhairi Helme’s poetic reflection of a 100-mile run around the English Lake District inspired by the landscape, the people she meets and her fell running hero, Joss Naylor.

We are like waves, 12.28’
Dir. Jordyn Romero
A young girl in Sri Lanka faces a tough decision: to be bound by her culture’s expectations or push the boundaries of her independence through surfing.

The Solution – Craig Bierly’s Wanderlust Way, 12.06’
Dir. Brandon Watts
More than a decade after his retirement, Craig Bierly continues to chase his dream of riding as much singletrack as possible before time catches up on him.

Lean against the wind, 11.20’
Dir. Keith Malloy
Taking on a 45-mile stretch of stacked waves and crashing currents 13 times with just a paddle in hand is just one way Lauren Spalding is considered a champion.

What would Mary do? 19.21’
Dir. Tommy Check
Follow Lee Craigie, Phillippa Battye and Alice Lemkes from The Adventure Syndicate as they take on a five-day, 300-mile, cycling and HostelPacking journey from Glasgow to the Highlands and Skye.


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