Event Type: Film
Nocturnal Animals

Sun 8 January


£9, £6 for schoolchildren, £25 family of four.

An art gallery owner is haunted by her ex-husband’s novel, a violent thriller she interprets as a veiled threat and a symbolic revenge tale

Tom Ford’s long anticipated thriller is a story inside a story.  The first part follows Susan who, having left her husband 20 years earlier, receives a book manuscript from him.  He wants her opinion.   The second part follows the story of the actual manuscript.  It is called “Nocturnal Animals,” and revolves around a man whose family vacation turns violent and deadly. The film then continues to follow the story of Susan, who finds herself recalling her first marriage and confronting some dark truths about herself.

For family tickets please ‘phone Box Office on 01721 725777.

“An outrageously gripping and absorbing meta mystery-thriller” THE GUARDIAN


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