Event Type: Music
Music in Peebles presents: James Gilchrist and Anna Tilbrook

Sun 12 January



£15 (£7 for members of Biggar Music and adults accompanying children under 12), free for students under 25 in full-time education

Schubert                Die schöne Müllerin

Four years on from their heart-stopping performance of ‘Winterreise’, these supreme interpreters of Schubert’s great song cycles make an eagerly awaited return to Peebles.

For this recital, the programme consists of the first of those cycles, ‘Die schöne Müllerin’ based, like Winterreise, on poems by Wilhelm Müller. Written when Schubert was only 26 (with a mere five years of his life remaining), it is considered one of his finest works. Unlike the later cycle, the atmosphere of which is gloomy from the very outset, the opening here is cheerful and carefree, but the mood descends into anguish and despair as the young protagonist, rejected by the miller’s beautiful daughter of the title, descends inexorably towards his tragic fate.

This is music, and music-making, of the very highest order – you quite simply must not miss it!

“Gilchrist and TiIlbrook prove themselves here amid distinguished competition with a beautifully realised and individual interpretation.”   (Classical Music Magazine – review of Die schöne Müllerin)

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