Event Type: Drama on Screen
Last Dream (On Earth)

Thursday 28th July


£14, £12, £6 for schoolchildren


THE NATIONAL THEATRE OF SCOTLAND In association with the TRON THEATRE presents Last Dream (On Earth).

A traveller stands on a beach in North Africa, with a group of friends. Tonight, they will try it. Tonight they are getting ready, for the journey to change their lives. We will never know their names. Decades earlier, a young man is strapped into a tiny sphere. He is ready for his mission: to become the first human being in Outer Space. Everyone will know his name, it is Yuri Gagarin.

As if out of nowhere, a musical dialogue starts. Words are spoken, the story of the trip of a lifetime emerges. It is a story of hope and dreams, of beauty and of sheer inhumanity.

Last Dream (On Earth) draws on accounts of those who risk their lives for a distant dream. It explores journeys beyond the imaginable, and quests to find a better future in faraway places.

Audiences will experience an immersive sound world on headphones as the company  interweave a live music score performed in front of them on stage with a soundtrack – created by sound designer Matt Padden.

Last Dream (On Earth) was created and directed by Kai Fischer and presented in association with the National Theatre of Scotland and Tron Theatre.

“Last Dream an intriguing and carefully experimental pleasure.”
The List

“a vital snapshot of universal displacement, in which both Gagarin and the refugees are left hanging, without a planet or land of any kind to call home.”


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