7:30 pm - 8:18 pm

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Fearless, funny and never subtle, Janey Godley carved a hugely successful stand up career, before becoming a digital sensation with sweary anti-Trump placards and her revoicing of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s Covid briefings. She was then called out for racist historic tweets, apologised and tried to rebuild her career before receiving her cancer diagnosis. Janey said ““First I was cancelled, then I got cancer.”

Just the latest developments in an extraordinary life that includes horrendous childhood abuse, the murder of her mother and years running a bar in Glasgow’s violent and drug ravaged East End.

John Archer’s film charts Janey Godley’s extraordinary story, cut with extracts from her Not Dead Yet tour. She describes it as “a love letter to her pals.”

“…a great comedian and an extraordinary life story” – Billy Connolly

Running time 1h 18m

Cert to be confirmed.