Event Type: Participation
Inspiring Life Day

Evie Douglas painting

Sat 1 June

1.15 – 8PM



A creative day packed with information, energy, food for the brain, body and spirit, lots of different activities, music and stories – all to help you to become a happier healthier you.

Drop in at any time and stay as long as you want to…there are different workshops from 1.15 until 6.30pm when everyone is invited to join a discussion in the theatre.

1.15pm Singing for Wellbeing with Kathy Kennedy, the Cheyne Gang

The Cheyne Gang is a community singing group for people living with long term respiratory conditions. Singing helps, why not give it a try?

2.15pm Don’t Judge a Book by the Cover

Bridget Dickson from See Me explores how books can be a way to both connect with and escape from day to day challenges, and a useful tool for opening up difficult conversations. Featuring characters such as Pip Pirrip, Eleanor Oliphant and Eeyore.

3.15pm Stride Young Dance Company

A Performance by this dance company which meets weekly at the Eastgate, followed by an opportunity to discuss the process with tutor Sara Boles and dancers.

4.15pm (auditorium) Everyday Drama

Everyday life is a series of dramatic scenes with props and costumes, scripts, transitions, tensions and cliffhangers. In this workshop Douglas Roberts will help take some simple scripted scenes and act out different endings, explore how to make things up as we go along, learn how to present ourselves to other people with more creative confidence and ease of expression.

4.15pm (studio) Fitness class

David Kilgour from Forever Fit leads a workshop offering a taste of all sorts of styles of fitness classes.  Find out what makes you feel good.

5.30pm Dance Improv with Curious Seed Dance Co

Led by Artistic Director, Christine Devaney, this fun workshop will encourage you to explore your creativity through movement, improvisation, writing and drawing. Open to everyone; please wear loose, comfortable clothing so that you can move easily.

6.30pm Discussion

Caroline Adam opens up a panel discussion about mental health with Freda Douglas, Douglas Roberts, Mike Cormie, Susan Falconer (See Me), Malcolm Bruce (Men’s Shed), Christine Devaney (Curious Seed Dance Co.), Eleanor Walker (Student).

This event is sponsored by Inspiring Life and See Me.


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