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Friends of the Eastgate: In conversation with Richard Nisbet (part two)

Thurs 11 June

Whenever you like

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In the second of three short Zoom interviews, Mary Daykin continues her chat with Richard Nisbet who reflects on the central role played by Under One Roof – a pressure group formed by a variety of local organisations and individuals that worked tirelessly to turn the dream of having a dedicated arts venue into actual bricks and mortar.

It’s a tale of dedication, community engagement and no small amount of perseverance. As Richard says, “There were a lot of dark days, but funding was eventually secured and, before we knew it, architects and builders were in place.”

Available on the Friends’ YouTube channel – PLEASE CLICK HERE TO VIEW

Look out for the final part of this interview (post date: 18/06) when Richard explains what the opening of the theatre meant to those who had worked so hard to get it, plus the Eastgate’s ongoing contribution to the wider community.

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