Event Type: digital
DHRC and Friends of the Eastgate present: Bobby Barr, Private Detective

Thurs 18 June

Whenever you like

Free, but donations to the EASTGATE OPEN DOORS CAMPAIGN would be greatly appreciated.

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For more years than anyone cares to remember, the Downright Homespun Radio Company house band has flown in from Nashville to be joined by its Royal Company of Radio Actors for a night of whip-crackin’ music and razor sharp comedy featuring a cavalcade of characters – all performed at the Grand Old Eastgate Theatre in downtown Peebles.

This clip features Bobby Barr, a somewhat shifty private detective who operates from the attic rooms of the old Veitch’s building overlooking Peebles High Street. Missing wives and wayward husbands, corrupt officials and just plain old dirty dealings are his usual stock in trade, but the curious case of Miss Gift’s Gift Shop might just be one of his toughest yet …

Available on the Friends’ YouTube channel – PLEASE CLICK HERE TO VIEW

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