Event Type: Festival

Drawing of Spy Game 39 Steps

Sat 24 August

11AM – 1PM

£5, £20 for teams of up to 5


Become a Robert Hannay style secret agent and escape from the Black Stone Spy Ring.


The British Admiralty Needs You! It is 1914 on the eve of the Great War, Britain is threatened not only from without but also from within. There are whispers in the diplomatic circles of a ring of spies, the Black Stone Spy Ring. Do you have what it takes to take on a role similar to Richard Hannay, track them down, evade capture and crack the clues hidden in the note book of Franklin P. Scudder?  all whilst sauntering around Peebles.

In this spy game, for groups of 5 or more, each player takes a turn to play the agent on the run.*. The agent’s goal is to evade pursuers and track down clues for the team at locations around the town. Each player will also take a turn as a member of the Black Stone Spy Ring tailing other agents and trying to catch them in the act of gathering clues. Each round takes 1 ½ – 2 hours. The stakes are quite simply the safety of the British Navy’s deployment!


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