Event Type: Talk
Children of the Mountain

Fri 21 February



Free, (donations welcome)  Please book your tickets


From finding children learning in a derelict animal shed on a hillside to building a high school and 14 primaries, John Matthews shares his remarkable story.

In spring 2009, Irishman John Matthews found himself on a remote hillside in Nepal, some 150km northwest of Kathmandu. Standing outside a small, seemingly derelict animal shed he was unaware that his life was about to change. The building was in fact a school. John decided to build a new classroom. Ten years later, his charity, Children of the Mountain, has built a high school and 14 primary schools, opening a further 50 kindergartens and creative grade classrooms. Some 5,000 children now attend the schools every day, while a further 1,000 receive a creative education in the pre-schools.

But John believes that access to a school is not enough – “a few bricks and a handful of books has no lasting impact, the education provided, if it is truly to make a difference, must be an equal education”.

In this talk, John shares the highs and lows of his ten-year mission and uses stunning photography and slides to illustrate his journey.


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