Event Type: Film
Another Round

Sun 25 July at 4pm & Wed 28 July 2.30PM

£10, £6 under 16, £25 Family of 4

This film is a fun, touching and thought-provoking drama about friendship, freedom – and alcohol as four high school teachers drink alcohol daily to see how it affects their social and professional lives.

There is a theory that alcohol in the blood opens the mind to the outside world, problems seem smaller and creativity increases. We know it well; after the first glass of wine the conversation lifts, the possibilities open up. Martin is a high school teacher. He feels old and tired. His students and their parents want him fired.  In response Martin and three colleagues throw themselves into an experiment to maintain a constant alcohol level and test its impact in everyday life. In the beginning. Martin’s class improves, and the project is promoted to a real academic study with the collection of results. Slowly, but surely, the alcohol makes the four friends and their surroundings loosen up. The results are rising. It becomes clearer that that all daring can also have consequences.


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