Event Type: Music
Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas

Sat 24 April


$20  General: $30  Family/Household Ticket: $10  Student Ticket: $5  Times are Hard: $50  Music Supporter

A new online concert celebrating The Golden Age of Scottish music.

Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas celebrate 20 years of touring and recording by presenting The Golden Age of the Scottish Fiddle – a livestream concert – on Saturday 24 April at 8pm.

This very special concert is in honour of a time in the mid 18th century when Scotland was aflame with creativity, music and dance.  It includes tunes from lots of characters of the time including, of course, Niel Gow the doyen of Scottish fiddlers, who famously met with Robert Burns on his Tour of the Highlands.

Known for their cutting-edge fiddle & cello musical explorations, Fraser & Haas have journeyed far and wide, playfully cajoling their instruments into new and original territory as well as paying their respects to the old tunes they love. Their 7 albums to date have featured dazzling compositions and arrangements, driving, dancing rhythms, and their shared passion for invention on the melody and the groove of Scottish tunes.

Brian Miller in The Scotsman wrote:

“Fraser, one of the most respected of all exponents of the Scots fiddle, would look long & hard to find a more appropriate cellist as a partner. Haas can switch just as effortlessly as Fraser from a gentle singing tone to driving, dancing melody. . . all played with that combination of driving bow work and musical sensitivity that we have come to expect from Fraser”.


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