Event Type: Dance
Creative Peebles Festival: Age of Anxiety

Sat 28 August


£10, £8 Disabled, under 26

A collaborative piece of theatre devised by Eastgate writers and dancers and featuring live music specially created for the piece.

A new piece of live contemporary theatre, a collaboration devised by some of the Eastgate’s own writers and performers, and featuring original music performed by Nick Jenkins (violin, viola), Robbie Tatler (keyboard, bass) and Mat Clements (percussion).

Anxiety is all around us today – provoked by  inequality and social media, climate crisis and COVID; and it’s the theme that runs through this whole performance – what causes it? who experiences it? how do we deal with it? Age of Anxiety is the culmination of a collaborative process involving more than 30 participants (from teens to seniors), led by dance practitioner Sara Boles and theatre maker Clare Prenton.

Hit this link to see three short films made during the process of creating the Age of Anxiety performance.


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