Event Type: Visual Arts
Borders Blues and Hebridean Hues

Borders Blues and Hebridean Hues is the title of the latest exhibition of visual arts by two Peebles based artists Lesley Johnson and Lorna Boak.

Lesley Johnson

I love being outside and produce modern acrylic, sometimes incorporating mixed media, and felted merino landscapes from my photographs and experiences. Light, shape, colour, contrast, and texture, are all fantastic stimuli, and abundant in our Scottish landscape; from the blue waters of our sometimes wild, sometimes tranquil, coastline to the rolling Borders Hills.

A Science teacher with a love of young people by day, but a self-taught artist in the making at other times! I have been exhibiting in the Tweed Valley and beyond for some time now and enjoy frequent commissions. My art is available as originals of various sizes, prints in two styles, on canvas and as giclee prints. Also, cards, velvet cushions and lampshades.


E: lesleyjohnson54@outlook.com

Lorna Boak

I was born and brought up in the Uists in the Outer Hebrides and now live in Peebles. Although I have been away from home for more than 30 years, the big sky, wide open spaces, and ever changing seas always draw me back and continue to influence and inspire my art.

I love to convey the beauty of the West Coast landscape. Beautiful machair flowers, huge Hebridean sky and crashing waves are my muse. Sometimes the skies are clear and the sea is lapping at the shore, at other times the clouds heavy with rain and the waves crash against the rocks but there is beauty in all of it. I want my art to transport you there, where you can feel the sun on your face, hear the wind in your ears and taste the salt in your mouth. If we can’t go there for real we can go there in our minds.

I love to create in acrylic, oils and, sometimes, mixed media.



Please note that access to the studio is limited when it is being used by the Eastgate’s many classes.   If you are planning to make a special visit to see the exhibition, please telephone in advance – 01721 725777


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