Eastgate Cafe Re-opens

With the café up and running successfully for more than four weeks, the opening hours have now been extended to Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 5 pm.

The initial 4 day week opening, which began on 15 July, has been a resounding success.  Old friends and customers have clearly been relieved to be able to return to enjoy all of their favourite cakes and the full range of teas and coffees made to order.

New and passing visitors also made full use of the carefully distanced outdoor and indoor tables.  Shortly after the opening, manager Mikuni was able to re-instate the favourite lunchtime soup and sandwiches and in mornings and afternoons the tempting smell of toasted teacakes once again fills the space.

This has only been made possible by the commitment of café staff returning from  furlough supported by a dedicated team of masked volunteers delivering disposable menus, taking contact details, clearing and carefully cleansing tables and chairs after each use.

Throughout lockdown the theatre has been greatly appreciative of outstanding community support from a wide range of individuals and organisations.   The Friends of the Eastgate, in particular, have worked tirelessly to raise funds for the theatre while celebrating the creativity of the people of Peebles and beyond in their entertaining #eastgateathome youtube Eastgate Friends channel.  Special thanks are also due to the Corra Foundation and the National Lottery BFI FAN.

To see the full cafe menu click on the image below.