And the Winner is…KIYT


Though the group only formed recently, it is the junior section of Innerleithen & District Amateur Operatic Society (I&DAOS), which has been entertaining the public since 1908.

KIYT meets weekly and parent Alexina Hamilton said: “My daughter has recently turned eight and has become a member and absolutely loves it. She is amazed by the talents of some of the older kids and as a newer member aspires to be like them – a testament to the skills and confidence that the group has helped these kids to gain”

“The leaders are inspirational and very supportive,” added another parent, Leena Crichton. “Together with the children they have created a magical atmosphere.”

 The Robert Noble trophy was first given to the then Peebles Arts Festival in 1985 by the Robert Noble company of March Street Mills in Peebles. It was to be awarded annually to an individual or organisation who has notably and successfully encouraged young people in Tweeddale to engage with and participate in the arts.

KIYT joins a long and illustrious list of winners that includes Dan Ward and Alison Cameron, Peebles Accordion and Fiddle Club and I&DAOS (winners in 2002).

The trophy was awarded to Nicola Watt, President of I&DAOS by Caroline Adam from Creative Peebles Festival. “I’m delighted to present this trophy to a new organisation which shows that the wealth of artistic performance and activities in Tweeddale continues to grow,” commented Caroline. “The reasons different people gave for nominating KIYT were a perfect fit with the aims for the award stated so clearly by the Robert Noble Company more than 30 years ago”.

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