COVID – 19 Update


A warm welcome…though not hugs!

Cafe and Studio

Counter service will continue in the cafe which means the long awaited return of bacon rolls and toasted teacakes as well as all the usual goodies, though no alcohol will be served during the day.  We have reduced the number of tables to make compliance with the 1 m distancing rules easier to maintain.  We ask you not to move them and to allow space between yourselves and other customers.  Keep washing your hands a lot, use the sanitiser and wear a face covering whenever you are on the move around the building and please make sure it covers your mouth and nose.

The hugely appreciated help of Eastgate volunteers means that we continue to sanitise tables and chairs after every use and other hard surfaces regularly throughout the day.

The cafe and studio spaces are ventilated regularly by simply opening entrance doors and fire doors to create a throughput of air.

The Auditorium

A few of the shows scheduled for very early in the year have had to be cancelled.  Others will go ahead provided we can book the seats with 1m distancing in place. The capacity for each show varies depending on the size of groups so if you need specific seats (eg front row) please make your booking as early as possible.

You must wear a face-covering while you are in the audience – for now, we are not allowing food or drink in the auditorium though the interval(s) are being extended so that you can still enjoy refreshments in the cafe.   These new rules are intended to help keep you and everyone else as safe as possible in a changing situation.  If absolutely necessary the ushers will remind you to put your face covering back on.   If you are not wearing a face covering, you may be asked to produce your exemption card.  We are working to keep the theatre open, exciting and entertaining for you, and appreciate it every time you do what you can to help.

Before you arrive, the auditorium is ventilated by the opening of doors and the use of the extractor fans during the afternoon.  This is also done during the interval when the theatre has a lot of people remaining seated.

Hard surfaces and key contact points are sanitised before each performance.  These include door plates, handrails up to and inside the auditorium and the passenger lift (inside and out).