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EXHIBITION: Justine Miller

An exhibition of framed and unframed digital prints by Berwickshire based artist Justine Miller who says

“Line, scale, colour and repetition are at the core of my method, tempered by a decorative quality to the finished work. I aim to instil a piece with a feel and atmosphere, where the juxtaposition of colour can evoke opposites, whether harmonious or jarring. To achieve my aims the creation of colour charts play an important role in my working practice as well as bringing a regimentation and order to the studio.
I use different techniques to create a finished work, experimenting photographically and digitally, which I believe has opened up new and interesting opportunities for printmakers, along with hand drawn and coloured images, initially paring them back to simple shapes, shadows and highlights, before layering them up again. The process is ever evolving.”

Justine is originally from London where she started her training at Camberwell College of Art studying Decorative Arts, specialising in textiles. From there she headed to Edinburgh College of Art to join the Fine Art Printmaking department. Hers was the first year group who studied computer imagery and technology as part of their course work, alongside traditional techniques.


Peebles Outdoor Film Festival Exhibition

Outdoors and outdoor adventures celebrated in visual arts.

The festival dates are Friday 26 – Sunday 28 January.   See events or festivals for more information about films, explorers, sportspeople and adventurers.

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