The Board of the Eastgate Theatre is keen to recruit new directors either to serve for a full term (three years) or to be co-opted for a shorter period (one to two years) in order to support a major project to extend and refurbish the existing building.  All applicants must have the energy and time to make a positive commitment to the work that the Board undertakes; and those interested in the Eastgate development project should also have relevant skills or experience (eg project management, strategic planning, architectural or construction work, fundraising).  Good knowledge of the Scottish arts sector and enthusiasm for the role of the arts in the local community would be particularly welcome.

Company Secretary

The Company Secretary has overall responsibility for administering the work of the Eastgate’s Board of Directors.  This includes:

  • preparing and documenting all Board meetings, including the Annual General Meeting;
  • providing statutory information to Companies House, such as submission of annual accounts, notification of directors joining or leaving the Board;
  • and maintaining the Eastgate’s register of members.

This role therefore requires someone with administrative skills and experience, and ideally with some knowledge of legislation relating to charities and limited companies.  A legal background would be advantageous, but is not essential.

Additional information

Full Board meetings are held every six weeks, and last for approximately two hours.

A new Sub Group has recently been set up to progress the Eastgate development project, and currently convenes once a month with additional ad hoc meetings arranged when necessary.

Notes of interest

Anyone who is interested in volunteering their services either as a Director or as Company Secretary should provide a note indicating which position they would like to be considered for, and providing a short (up to 500 words) summary of the experience, skills and capabilities that they could offer.  Submissions should be sent to:

General Manager, Eastgate Theatre, Eastgate, Peebles, EH45 8AD; by Friday 30 June.

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