Event Type: Talk
Colin Prior: Seeing the Bigger Picture

Wed 21 November


£14, £12 for under 15s


An illustrated talk by acclaimed photographer, naturalist and conservationist Colin Prior.

An illustrated talk by Colin Prior presented by Peebles Camera Club.

Known for his panoramic images of Scotland’s wild places, Colin Prior has, for the past eight years, been creating a new body of work documenting the habitats of wild birds in an effort to raise awareness of their falling numbers. He will also share with us the body of work he has amassed during five years in Pakistan’s Karkoram Mountains.

Colin Prior is a photographer, naturalist and conservationist. In 1981 he won best newcomer to underwater photography and worked in the North Sea as a photo-technician before spending the following ten years as a commercial photographer for advertising and exhibition companies and design agencies.

In 1989, he purchased a Linhof Technorama 617S camera and was captivated by the panoramic format’s 3:1 ratio.  His photographs capture sublime moments of light and land, which are the result of meticulous planning and often take years to achieve.  He seeks out patterns in the landscape and the hidden links between reality and the imagination.

In a career spanning thirty-five years, he has travelled to over forty countries. His books include The World’s Wild Places and Living Tribes.  Colin was recently the subject of two BBC documentaries entitled Mountain Man.


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