Event Type: Drama
Horizontal Collaboration

Thu 19 October


£14, £12



By David Leddy

Sex, power and politics collide in this courtroom drama with a dark twist.

Age:  16 +

Four steely UN lawyers read startling interview transcripts from their laptops in a tribunal concerning ‘horizontal collaboration’ – the name for the supposed wartime crime of sex with enemy soldiers. The courtroom’s intense stillness contrasts with the volatile story around African warlord’s wife Judith K, who leads her people on a treacherous path towards peace… or does she? Can women ever have the freedom to lead in a different way from men?

From writer-director David Leddy, who is described as a ‘leading theatrical innovator’ (Times), ‘institution’ (Independent) and ‘genius’ (Scotsman).

Shortlisted – Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award

Age 16+, disturbing descriptions of sex and violence

 Supported by Creative Scotland

“Intense” Herald: “Superb” Stage: “Inventive” Sunday Herald

“Compelling” Total Theatre: “Thrilling” EdFest Magazine


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