A State of the Art Hearing Loop System

Vote Eastgate Theatre as one of the five Tweeddale projects you can select to receive a small part of the SBC Localities Bid funds.

So that everyone, even the 1 in 6 who have some hearing loss, can fully enjoy the amazing sights and sounds of its packed arts programme.

The Eastgate Theatre is committed to delivering the best experience of its live performance programme, arts relays and blockbuster films.   To do this the theatre hopes to install a state of the art Dolby Fidelio hearing loop system so that those with sight impairment can enjoy audio description of films and those with hearing loss can hear every note of a classical music concert, every word in a play and every sound effect in a film.

Installation of the Fidelio system will make the Eastgate the only venue in Tweeddale equipped to offer the highest quality experience of arts and entertainment to sight or hearing impaired members of the community, whatever their age.

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