Since autumn 2016, the staff and directors of the Eastgate Theatre and Arts Centre have been working on ambitious plans to enlarge and improve the Eastgate building; and these plans took a significant step forward in spring 2017 with an offer of initial grant support from the Big Lottery Fund’s Community Assets programme.

The aims of the Eastgate Development Project are to increase access to, and participation in, the services and activities of the Eastgate Theatre by extending its capacity, physically and operationally, and by developing an expanded suite of facilities that can more effectively meet the needs and demands of the growing population of Peebles and surrounding areas, both now and for the future.

In practical terms, this will involve some significant changes to the Eastgate.  The main elements are expected to include enlarging the building’s footprint; reconfiguring the ground floor layout to create more café and studio space; upgrading the first floor auditorium by renewing the seating and improving sightlines; enhancing backstage facilities; and updating heating and lighting services throughout the building.

The Project is dependent on significant external funding – likely to amount to around £1.5m in total.  An initial application to the Big Lottery Fund has already been successful, resulting in a contribution of £45k to fund the first phase of design work, costings, and an extensive programme of community consultation.  This work will take place between September and December 2017, and will provide the plans, costs and information required for further applications to be made to the Big Lottery Fund and other potential funders.

If the necessary funds are secured, then a second phase of work will start in spring 2018, leading on to a period of construction work which is currently expected to take place between January and September 2019.

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